Leveraging the Defense Dollar in Medical Malpractice Cases

You wouldn’t ask a neurologist to prepare a demuerrer. So, why do insurance companies ask claims adjusters and attorneys to interpret medical records and opine on the standard of care? Since, experts are hired for all other elements of cases, maybe we shouldn’t hastily dismiss the value of an expert review of the medical records. After all, medical records are the heart of all medical malpractice cases.In my experience, no matter how well a single reviewer analyzes the records, even a seasoned nurse consultant, a single review does not compete with a multi-level review.

This is why Med Legal Consulting Source has a patented process for reviewing medical records. This proprietary system was developed to minimize the weakness of a single reviewer. There are too many details and moving parts to patient care. At Med Legal every record we touch is reviewed by not one, but two specialized legal nurse consultants. Through this collaborative effort, each nurse expert adds their own distinct analysis, building reports that account for every interpretation and strategic consideration extractable from medical record data.

Following careful analysis, the reports are then handed off to one of our trained editors who translate the reports into easy-to-read documents; constructed with careful consideration for language choice, grammar and clarity.

This unique editorial supplement ensures that every ounce of content is easy to find, comprehensible, and most importantly, useable by legal, medical and operational staff alike.

A layered quality assurance process should be in place to ensure that no stone goes unturned and that you get all of the advantages up front.Your claims need nurse consultant reviews and a process that enable you to outsource the review of medical records with comfort and confidence. The result will be: stronger data, sooner. And strategic insight that can single-handedly change your position in a case.

Partnering with a legal nurse consulting firm like Med Legal Consulting Source, gives you a competitive edge. With upfront, tailored budgets, Med Legal’s approach to record review and claim management provides the flexibility to work with your schedule and budget while discovering the vital information you need. The work is delivered in timely, thorough, customizable reports that make even the most complicated case comprehensible for all levels of client staff.